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First Print Notice - [January 10, 2021]

The following details known issues with the first print run of Astatos.

Found an issue with your copy not mentioned here? Reach out to us at

English Text Issues

- [Starter Edition] "Mukaki" is incorrectly spelt as "Mukai" in the description on Mukaki's card. This error was corrected for the Collectors' Edition acrylic cards.

- [EXIII] "Mukaki" is incorrectly spelt as "Mukai" in the description on Cato's card. This error was corrected for the Collectors' Edition acrylic cards.

- [EXIII] Cato's description is missing a full stop at the end of the first sentence on Mukaki's side. This error was corrected for the Collectors' Edition acrylic cards.

Print Consistency Issues

A small percentage of cards may exhibit a cutting error that results in the artwork not being centered properly. Please be sure to inspect your cards carefully for such issues.


Based on a survey conducted on customers who have already received the game, we have concluded that the defect rate is small, however, we understand the importance of delivering a quality product. As such, we would like to extend an offer for a full refund or replacement to eligible purchases if you are unsatisfied with the quality of your copy. You can reach out to us at, or at


Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to make the game even better!

- Studio Klondike & Pawprint Press

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